Welcome New Members

Please take a moment to review the following rules. Once you understand the rules and feel committed to them, simply let a leader know in chat and you will be promoted to Elder. Until you have received this promotion, you are not eligible to participate in war, so you’ll want to do this right away.

We run our wars in a very structured way. Do not let this worry you; your leaders do most of the work! We only ask that you follow our war plan. In order to do this, you must check the war assignment post just before attacking as this post changes frequently as war progresses. Asking for direction in Band or chat is highly encouraged whenever you feel unsure of the right base to attack. Joining our group on Band is required as war assignments and all other essential communications will be posted there.

The following guidelines will help you be a successful warrior/clan member from the start:


  1. Looting is not allowed in this clan.
  2. Every war represents a significant contribution of time and resources by your leaders. For this reason, both your war attacks belong to the team and its efforts, NOT to you. No war attack should be made without explicit permission, which can be obtained one of two ways. The first way is that the war assignment post directs you to make an attack that is still available (remember this post will be updated as often as possible during war, so you MUST check it just before attacking). If the assignment post does not give you viable guidance, you should discuss your attack with a leader in chat or in Band.
  3. If for any reason you are not able to make that second attack, let us know why. Missing both attacks is inexcusable and will result in dismissal.
  4. Never underestimate the value of talking to us in chat or on Band when you have issues or questions. It is possible to miss both war attacks if your reasons are solid and you alert us to the situation. Discussing problems or simply following the rules and making your attacks both represent SHOWING UP, the most basic underlying principle of our requirements.
  5. Finally, we are a level 9 clan. The following requirements are to be expected and are non-negotiable: Train your very best army for your very best attack; ask for specific max clan castle troops to supplement your army; lure and kill enemy clan castle troops; ask more experienced players for advice on how to approach your target; never disparage another player’s attacks; offer solid advice if you have it.
  6. Ask for those max troops for your clan castle as soon as you have a shield to protect them in case a high level player is not on as you go to make your attack.

Band and Clan Mail

  1. All important information will be posted on Band.
  2. You are not required to read posts that aren’t labeled “Required Reading”…I am fully aware that not everything I say has value ūüôā
  3. You will be alerted to the presence of a required Band post through clan mail; therefore,
  4. Clan mail continues to be required reading for everyone.

Rules for Requests / Donations

  1. NEVER, ever place troops in war map clan castles without explicit permission from a leader. Do not stress if you are not yet able to provide the max troops required to defend our bases in war. Plan to pay back later!
  2. On the other hand, if you are able to provide the max war map castle troops, please jump in! If the request is confusing or vague, ask a leader or simply let some one else fill that one.
  3. Speaking of requests for war base clan castle defensive troops: PLEASE edit yours to be up to date and to include specific, appropriate troops. If you have any questions about this, please ask. Your choice of defensive troops affects us all so this is a great way to help the clan. If you’ve never filled a bunch of war map clan castles, you may not be aware that adding the number needed of each troop really helps us to avoid mistakes and the dreaded¬†chasing down the player in chat to ask them to delete that ensues.
  4. For war attacks, request only precise, max troops. We expect you are planning your war attack very carefully and that clan castle troops, as one of your major assets, are a big part of the plan.
  5. Fill war requests with exactly the troops requested or not at all.
  6. For defense or raids, request “any” as often as possible. Indicate whether you are looking for defensive or offensive troops.
  7. Taking into consideration the defensive/offensive part of the request, feel free to donate your troops to any non-war request, regardless of their level or type. Specific requests are fine but filling them with those specific troops is not required.
  8. Wiz and Archers are always welcome at any level no matter what. Certain other troops don’t normally make the best donations; try to become familiar with what not to donate, but don’t obsess over it.
  9. All non-war donations are encouraged and welcome in our clan. This is an important way for lower players to be a functioning part of the action. Anyone who leaves a different impression in chat is out of line. Do not speak rudely to my clan members, especially when they are offering troops or other assistance!

How to Handle Join Requests

The #1 most important rule is do not give invitations on global!

Elders, join requests can be a bit challenging. For this reason I may get frustrated with you but I won’t get mad at you or say anything. There are more important things for us to worry about.

A proper join request made by someone we really want in our clan will always say “Pup” or “from farm” or “visit” or “forums” or “ad” or “I know _______” indicating this person is either known to us or is responding to a recruitment ad. If you don’t see any of this, and especially if the default message is used, it is never wrong to ignore the join request. Please do not reject; let a leader make the final call.

On the other hand, if you do see anything in the request then go ahead and accept. If it turns out to be a mistake, it’s easily corrected.

We don’t really worry about spies anymore, cheating on our level is of a much higher caliber.

Avoid accepting anyone who clearly does not speak English. As much as we love diversity, communication breakdowns hurt everyone.

To delve more deeply into how our clan is run and what to expect, please visit:

Our Pugtopia

Clan Rules






Breaking News: New Sister Clan in the Works

It’s time to create a farming version of our clan. Important: THIS WILL NOT BE A SECOND TIER SISTER CLAN OR FEEDER CLAN. The purpose is to fully support the efforts of those who engage in war while at the same time support the needs of those who wish to farm without pressure to participate in war.

I have always welcomed second and family accounts and they will continue to enjoy a home with us. Second and family/friend accounts rank higher than potential new members. This plan will allow us to invite more warriors and farmers to join us. My goal is to increase war size to 30 and eventually 40. This helps us earn xp more quickly.

The basic idea is, in general, if you are opted out you are in one clan, and if you are opted in, you are in the other clan. I will lead the farming clan with my Maybe Maeby account and I will lead the war clan with my Pup&Onyx account. Movement between the clans in either direction will be completely free, for getting troops or for moving in and out of war. Repeat: anytime you want better troops enough to move between the clans to get them, you are welcome to do so.

NO ONE WILL BE CONSIGNED TO THE FARMING CLAN AS A FORM OF PUNISHMENT. EVER. The farming clan will receive as much of my attention and respect as the war clan. We will regularly war ten members who choose to participate to work towards level 5. This is a great opportunity for some of our newer players to get their feet wet in war. It’s super easy to cover inexperienced members at beginning clan levels.

Among the positives is the potential to increase the number of warriors to 30 or 40. We gain xp faster with larger wars. An obvious negative is the need to build the farming clan to level five to get leveled up donations.

I know this change might feel burdensome for those with multiple accounts or whose children are in the clan. Hopefully this will be a small issue.

We may need to adjust the system as we go along, but I want to begin like this: if you are present in the war clan (Our Pugtopia) you are expected to opt into at least 2 out of every 3 wars. If you need to miss more than one war, you simply move to the farming clan (Our Pugtopia’s Farm). Rules for war will be enforced more consistently once we get the the system running. I expect this to take about a week.

FEEDBACK WELCOME! Private chat or group chat, your choice ūüôā Questions, please ask in chat.

New Members / Potential New Members

  1. We are glad you are visiting our website.
  2. Once you are a member, you will be invited to join our chat on Band. This is where our news is now posted.
  3. Please read over our clan rules as soon as possible. Links are found below. This will take only a few minutes and will both help you decide if our clan is a good fit for you and put you in a position to receive Elder right away. In our clan, Members do not get put in war or receive donations. Member is considered a temporary state for those not yet familiar with our rules.
  4. If you decide our clan might be a good home for you, we hope you will give us a try. I promise you will enjoy your stay, even if you don’t stay for the long haul. We are a friendly and easy group and we welcome visitors.

Please visit:

Our Pugtopia

Clan Rules






Regarding War

There are so many ways to play Clash. Let’s remember what we want from our time in the game and let this guide how we approach war.

In my case I am looking for a break from real life, but not a break from real people. I love that Clash has this tidy combination. And I don’t want habits from real life creeping in on my experience.

In real life, money and time are often spent grudgingly in pursuit of something tangible one values more. Both time and resources are precious because they can be exchanged for what we want. Obtaining one thing requires giving up something else. So we become very efficient about how we spend our time and money. Ensuring this efficiency takes time and attention and can be stressful to say the least.

Bringing the habit of pursuing efficiency into the Clash experience seems to be a default approach. Avoiding it takes some mindfulness. Here of some signs that a player is using patterns from real life in his/her approach to the game:

  1. Forgetting that elixir, dark elixir,  gold and gems are not real resources. If some of that stuff gets wasted it does not mean anything at all.
  2. Mistaking the destination as the pleasure and thereby neglecting the journey. This is characterized by the belief that everything will be so much better as soon as I get/upgrade/achieve ___________. 
  3. Expecting war to be a profitable activity. This places a burden not only on the player but also his clanmates and the matching process itself.

What can we conclude from all this?¬†Efficiency in Clash means gathering resources more quickly in order to upgrade more quickly in order to get resources more quickly in order to …….

The only logical ending to this sentence is¬†…in order to reach the end more quickly.¬†And this implies that playing is a chore to be gotten through rather than the actual source of enjoyment of the game.

In real life we engage in activities we dislike or find difficult in order to get something we want, either directly or indirectly through a purchase. All one can purchase with Clash resources is a bigger, more impressive base and army. Both keep the game more challenging and this has value, because it supports the notion that the activity is the fun part.

Yet….if your reason for playing is primarily to have something to show someone, you are someone I don’t understand (and that’s okay). However, if your reason for playing centers on camaraderie, please consider warring to have a value far beyond the ensuing payoff/loss. Do not worry about what’s going on with the other team or whether the war will be won or lost. Engage for sheer pleasure of it. Give it your all! Show up in the front lines, join your comrades, maximize stars and destruction!¬†Being part of the team is the fun part!

We all get worn down by the endless cost/benefit analyses running through our heads in real life. Let’s leave that behind in our little pretend world. Let’s be extravagant with our resources and go for the most fun possible together. After all, you can’t take that pink stuff with you.